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Below you can see some of the most frequently asked questions and advice in connection with technical challenges in answering a survey.


We support most browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Please note, however, that Internet Explorer is not an option as this browser is not updated and secured by the provider.

Also, kindly remember to update your chosen browser to the newest version. How this is done varies from browser to browser. If necessary, contact your provider, or search the Internet to find instructions.



For security reasons, you can only have one window with the screening open at a time. The system will perceive your user as “busy” if you have the screening open in two windows at the same time. Please close both windows and log in to the health screening again via the link in the email you received.



Your company may have certain programmes installed that are blocking the screening. If you are not sure whether this is the reason for your problem, please contact the relevant responsible in your company’s IT Department. 

If you have "Google translate" open, you may find that the programme affects the health screening. Therefore, please close the window with "Google translate" and continue your screening.



If you choose to log in using a one-time code, please be aware that, for security reasons, it can only be used once. Therefore, if you want to access the health screening again and want to log in using a one-time code, you must request a new one. If you have requested several codes in connection with the same login, you must use the latest one received.



The one-time code is sent to the same e-mail address to which your health screening was sent. At some email providers, it may take a few minutes before the one-time code is received. If it is not received in your inbox within a few minutes, we recommend that you check your folder with “junk mails”. Should you find that your code is not received, you can request a new one before trying again.



Please check if you can solve the challenge yourself using the above suggestions. If this is not the case, you are very welcome to contact our support via e-mail:


Please list the following in your mail: 

  1. Name

  2. Company 

  3. Telephone number 

  4. E-mail 

  5. Short description of the problem 


We will contact you via mail or phone as soon as possible. 



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